Ahmedi massacre: threats, demos – add to this debate please

Scanned photo & caption from front page of Dawn, May 29, 2010; Reuters photo

Posted this info to my yahoogroup today:

Dear friends:

There was a front page photograph the day after the Lahore massacres, of an elderly Ahmedi with a cap and small white beard, hands ‘clasped together in a prayer of sorts’ as Dawn captioned it. ‘Of sorts’. Even Dawn could not call it prayer.

Iconic photo of a Muslim man pleading for his life as fanatical Hindu fundamentalists went on the rampage in Gujarat, India (March 2002).

It reminded me of another photo of a man during the Gujarat carnage in India, hands clasped, pleading for his life.

Then there’s this photograph a friend sent of a banner on Mall Road outside Lahore High Court that reads:  “Yahudi, Isai, Mirzai Islam ke dushman haiN’ (Jews, Christians, Ahmedis, are enemies of Islam).

How could this banner be allowed to be put up and remain up?

Please see Malik Rashid’s article about the massacre of Ahmedis in Lahore on Friday, ‘Faithful Killers, Fatal Worship‘ (on Ibrahim Sajid Malick’s blog)  not just the article but also the comments section, threatening legal action against the writer for referring to ‘Ahmedi mosques’. The fellow has even provided his name & address Thoughts and comments welcome – needed, in fact. We need to build a critical mass against this kind of thinking (for more info on Ibrahim, see below).

LAST BUT NOT LEAST **Stand together against the murder of innocent civilians //Demonstrations// ***
#Lahore: Vigil today 7.00 pm at Liberty Roundabout
#Karachi: Protest demo today 4.00 pm at Press Club
#Islamabad: Protest demo tomorrow (June 1) at Supermarket (in front of Mr Books)
#Hyderabad protest demo June 1, 11.00 am, University Old Campus to Press Club

Please tell your friends and try and get people to come. It’s important now to stand together and in public, even if it’s just a few people. Sabeen’s thoughts on street protest: “I have no illusions – street protest is symbolic. Getting out on the streets and chanting “hum naheen maantay zulm kay yay zaabtay” doesn’t stop wars or end dictatorial regimes. I show up because I give a damn.” More on her blog

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From: Mansoor Raza
Date: Mon, May 31, 2010 at 4:22 AM
Subject: Fw: add to this debate please
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Dear All:

Mr. Ibrahim Sajid is a senior NSFian, graduated from Frankfurt School, in Cultural Anthropology. He is one of the biggest supporter of Friends of NSF and now a days is in the process of setting website of Friends of NSF. A critical thinker and prolific writer, comrade is one of many of NSFians whom we are proud of. He wrote the following article on the recent brutal killings of our Ahmedi fellow countrymen by mindless fanatics

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  2. No, this is not about Ahmadis. This is a strike against humanity.

    Look at the big picture to ascertain what the Saudi imported version of Islam is doing to Pakistan. In December/Moharram the Shias were rattled. Then it was the turn of the Christians. Now its the turn of the Ahmadis. I wonder what is in store for the Hindus and Parsis. This is jihad redefined.

    Little did our founding fathers know that the flagpole going into the white portion of our flag would take a different meaning 60 years later.

    As to its handling by our leadership, just think of Nero and Rome.


  3. its enough for evil to flourish if good people do nothing.
    in Pakistan the devil of religious fanaticism runs deeper than most can understand.
    liberals/ progressive should unite and make a unwavering common cause and plead it on its own merits


    • A good proposal indeed. But who will bell the cat. We are afraid of the fanatic more than from a mad dog. Just see what the so called super power is doing. They avoid fighting Taliban on the ground and are blasting them indiscriminately with drones. Above all, they are keeping a soft corner with Saudis who are the root cause of all this fanaticism.


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