Upcoming event: Jan 9, 2010

SAVE THE DATE Jan 9, 2010, 4.30 pm,
Arts Council Bokhari Open Air Auditorium, Karachi


Programme, compered by Rahat Kazmi, includes: Honouring the January 1953 movement activists, a documentary film on Pakistan’s first nation-wide student movement, comments by young activists Alia Amirali (QAU), Varda Nisar (Karachi University), Amar Sindhu (Jamshoro University) and Ali Cheema (LUMS); poetry by Fehmida Riaz, renditions by Tina Sani; concluding remarks by I.A. Rehman and performance by the popular band Laal. More details at the Dr Sarwar blog.

Students welcome. For passes contact (tel.) +92-21-3585 3156;
(cell) +92-300-2413103; or email: info@pmc.com.pk or contact The Second Floor

Irony of Lakki Marwat attack on Aman Ittehad day

Suicide attack in Lakki Marwat (NWFP) claims 70 lives – the day over fifty ‘Aman Ittehad‘ (peace and solidarity) rallies took place all over Pakistan…

The attack once again underlines how much more is needed than such rallies, inspiring though they may be, and the urgency of developing consensus and clarity on our direction as a nation: it  cannot be what the jihadi/militaristic mindset envisages.

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