Two invitations (Jamal Naqvi, Hamza Alavi events) and some uploads

Armed police confronting unarmed students (Students' Herald, Jan 19 1953)

New uploads & pix at Dr Sarwar blog
* Those killed on Jan 7 & 8, 1953 – martyrs’ to the students’ cause
* Article by Saghir Ahmed, High School Students Federation (Students Herald ’53)
* Article by Shahid Husain on the student movement, Editor’s Choice in


An evening with PROF. JAMAL NAQVI
“Defend and Strengthen Democracy”

Fri, Dec 11, 2009, 4:00 p.m., Karachi Press Club
Contact: Nasir Arain, Ph: 0300 8200718

8th Annual HAMZA ALAVI Distinguished Memorial Lecture, “Pakistan and the Nature of the State: Revisionism, Jihad and Governance” by Khaled Ahmed, Consulting Editor, The Friday Times, Lahore.
Wed, Dec 16, 2009, at 5 pm, Jinnah Medical College, Shaheed Millat Road, Karachi.
Contact: Iqbal Alavi, Irtiqa Institute of Social Sciences
0300-927-6504 & 021-3583-1807

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