India-Pakistan people’s peace resolution: Throwing a pebble in the pond

A valiant effort by concerned citizens of India and Pakistan to stem the tide of hatred, bigotry and violence, this Resolution has hundreds of endorsements listed alphabetically below. The Resolution is now online at this link. Please sign and share. Peacemongers call for India, Pakistan to resolve differences through dialogue With tensions between nuclear-armed India and […]

‘My years with WAF’ – Zohra Yusuf on the Pakistani women’s movement

Below, an article by Zohra Yusuf, my first editor, with whom I worked at The Star Weekend in 1981-82, outlining the birth of the women’s movement in Pakistan “My years with WAF”  By Zohra Yusuf | Article written for a souvenir on WAF’s 25th anniversary, Oct 2006 Certain memories are etched on the mind. The birth […]