HRW response to ‘Memogate’: a litmus test for all actors – particularly judiciary and army

Dec 30, 2011, Human Rights Watch press statement received today: “As the “Memogate” case proceeds, all arms of the state must act within their constitutionally determined ambit and in aid of legitimate civilian rule. In this context, justice must both be done and be seen to be done. Pakistan desperately needs a full democratic cycle and a peaceful transfer of power from one civilian administration to another. Should this process be derailed, the constitutional safeguards and legal rights protections created since 2008 may suffer irreparable damage. 
Human Rights Watch has long been a supporter of an independent judiciary in Pakistan and advocated for the restoration of the judiciary ousted by Musharraf in Pakistan and abroad. But we have also expressed our concern about the fear of judicial over-reach and unwarranted intrusion into the affairs of the legislature and the executive. HRW has noticed a tendency for the courts to find themselves embroiled in matters that they would not otherwise be an appropriate forum for, and we hope the courts will reflect on this perception. Any perception of discriminatory treatment  against one party must be speedily addressed. All parties to the Memogate affair must understand that a legal dispute cannot be made the vehicle for truncating parliamentary or presidential terms through the backdoor or as a mechanism for subverting civilian rule.

In a sense “Memogate” is a litmus test for all actors – particularly the judiciary and the army. It remains to be seen whether the rule of law or the law of the jungle prevails in Pakistan.”

5 Responses

  1. a good point of view……….


  2. We failed the litmus test. Its the law of the jungle as we have long known.


  3. What is the law in Pakistan when the sustainable part of the constitution is only a fatwa?


  4. If u say something from ur heart and is not matching with the thinkings of the ideologists(The Right wings) then they just paint u as an Indian and American/Jewish agent and out of “their Islam”, So ” when in Rome do as Romans do”


  5. […] HRW response to ‘Memogate’: a litmus test for all actors – particularly judiciary and army […]


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