Medicines needed for flood relief

KARACHI, Aug 15: Aslam Khwaja, a friend working in the Sukkur area with Faisal Edhi, sent a message yesterday with a list of the medicines they need (see below). A team of doctors from the Pakistan Medical Association has also joined them. Those wishing to donate, please coordinate with me at the earliest. Will send to Hyderabad where another friend will receive & send on to Sukkur. Thanks.

Medicines needed for Flood Relief

S. No       Name of Medicine             Quantity

1.                ORS                                    200
2.                Tab: Flagyl                       200
3.                Panadol                             200
4.               Vibramycin                       100
5.               Avil  50g                             200
6.               Nospa                                  100
7.               Septran                                200
8.               Bascopan Plus                   100
9.                Normitab 50mg               2 Packet
10.              Loprin     75 mg               2 Packet
11.              Ponstan Forte                   200
12.              Arinec Forte                      200
13.              Panadol cf                         100
14.              Ventolin  2mg                   200
15.              Theragran H                     2 Packet
16.              Erythrocin 500mg           1 Packet
17.             Erythrocin 250mg             1 Packet
18.             Ponstan                              100
19.             Mercef 250mg                   5 packet
20.             Stemetil                               200
21.             Gravinate                            1 Packet
22.             Labrex                                 2 packet
23.             Navaquine                          300
24.             Dicloran 50mg                 3 Packet
25.             Distalgesic                        1 Packet
26.             Zantac 150mg                   5 Packet
27.             Inderal 10mg                    1 bottle
28.             Tandegyl                            5 Packet
29.             Syrup   Entamizole           25
30.              Negram                            20
31.              Panadol                             50
32.              Calpol                                50
33.              Nivaquine                         50
34.              Septran                            20
35.              Septran DS                       20
36.              Incremin                           20
37.              Lederplex                          25
38.              Benatus                             50
39.              Ventolin                            50
40.              Hydrillin                          50
41.              Calcium p                         20
42.              Gravinate                         30
43.              Fansidar                           30
44.              Mucaine                           30
45.              Ponstan                            30
46.              Amoxil 250                      20
47.              Amoxil 125                      20
48.              Brufen                              30

15 Responses

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    • How can I send the medicines to the flood affected people?

      I live in Karachi and I want to visit the places where the flood refugees have been deployed. We have collected some donations and we want to spend it on the needy.

      Please reply anyone who has the contact number or addresses of the places in Karachi or nearby?

      I am waiting…



      • Dear Bilal,
        You can contact Aslam Khwaja (03007030972) who is out there with Faisal Edhi, in Sukkur, Khairpur, Shikarpur etc. They have 7 medical camps. You can send the medicines through Shalimar Flying Coach (near 7th Day Adventist Hospital), addressed to: Shahrukh Shaikh, Hyderabad, tel. 03453638554 & 03003246895. Msg him about the consignment & he will receive the packets and send them on to friends in the field. Sukkur.
        Thank you.


  4. My best wishes to Aslam Khwaja and his entire team we have spread the word around .May God be with you all.


  5. i have medicines available. I need a point of contact in USA to coordinate


  6. Thanks. Working on it, will revert asap.


  7. Dear SJ Forbes, just emailed you contacts of Dr M. Taqi in Florida who can coordinate with you re medicines to Pakistan. Thank you.


  8. Dr Taqi is sure to do a great job. Best of luck.


  9. I have medecine n clothes ready to send.where is the nearest pick up point.i live in Brighton.


  10. We need medicines for free medical camps at Sukkur and Ghotki districts for free medical camps, contact 03003600568


  11. I would like to donate medicine. I live in Scotland, UK. Can you please let me know how I can get them to the camps?


    • Thanks a lot. You can send medicines via PIA or donate money to a reliable organisation to buy the medicines. PIA is transporting relief goods free of cost to Pakistan, if you can get the stuff to their office – see their link


  12. […] met before, we’ve been introduced to each other online by mutual friend Karachi-based researcher Aslam Khwaja; Nandita’s essay, Revisiting Sindh, is being published in VBB’s Borderlines Volume One. After […]


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