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Taliban Cloud Moves to Pakistan – comment for IPS titled PAKISTAN/INDIA: Taliban As Common Enemy’ on Pakistan’s attempt to identify the enemy as ‘taliban’ rather than ‘India’, 17 Feb, 2009.

The Nightmare Must End- comment published in Dawn, Feb 7, 2009 on the ‘jihadi’ forces and their territorial ambitions

Obama Inauguration Brings Hope, Scepticism - article for IPS, Jan 21, 2009, also on Chowk


INDIA/PAKISTAN: Pleas For Sanity as Sabres Rattle Over Mumbai Mayhem – comment for IPS, Dec 1, 2008

Kashmir’s earthquake: don’t care or don’t know?in Open Democracy, 14 Nov 2005

Misguided Generosity Column Personal Political in The News, reproduced by Countercurrents, 07 Nov, 2004, about then Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz’s ‘generous’ offer to help Nepal crush the Maoist insurgency

Musharrafising a monarchy?Column Personal Political in The News, re-published in Chowk, 12 Apr, 2004, about Nepali King Gyanendra’s personally ambitious “Musharraf tendencies”



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